Pros And Cons Of Burning The American Flag

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Kenzie Mason
English 9
26 January 2017
Star Spangled Banter When the American flag is distressed and unfit for formal display, it is appropriate to dispose of it in a manner of stateliness as said in the United States Flag Code. The most frequent and fitting method to doing away with the flag is burning it. This simple statement is very broad and is easily misinterpreted. The first amendment of the United States Constitution protects this traditional way of expressing respect to the Star Spangled Banner. Several citizens of the United States believe that desecration of the flag is qualified as a form of breach of peace. Many americans believe that burning the American flag is constitutionally proofed by the first amendment and is
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New York case, the Supreme Court decided that New York and any other state were not justified to charge someone for speaking negatively about the flag. In addition, in a precedent case in 1969, the Supreme Court of Brandenburg v. Ohio ruled that even though Brandenburg was a member of the Klu Klux Klan, he was able to present a speech at a rally. Granted, the first amendments forbids speech it is primarily spoken to encourage or commence any type of crime. In like manner, in Texas v. Johnson, though burning the flag was impressed as disrespectful to some people, no laws or amendments were corrupted. In 1943, a precedent court case Brown v. Board of Education allowed students to not salute the flag. Many people believe that if the argument is that desecration of the flag is ruining a national symbol, not saluting the flag is of the same disrespect. Precedent court cases have all stayed on the same line of judgement to say that it is constitutional for desecration of the flag to fall under symbolic…show more content…
This topic is of great importance because, as the United State, we are fighting an unsolvable issue of misinterpretation. There is no correct answer to this, but rather highly supported opinions. As Texas v. Johnson and precedent court cases show, decisions made on this subject are never going to please everyone. If desecration of the American flag were to become an illegal act, a great amount of citizens believe that an abundance of people would begin to act out in anger, and in violation of their constitutional rights. Therefore, many americans believe and support the right that is proofed in Supreme Court cases and in the Constitution’s first amendment, to desecrate the American
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