Pros And Cons Of Business Management

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As you keep pace with the evolution and changes in life, the person becomes independent from the noise and restrictions, but he has to train and trust in business matters to get to the top in this work. I will talk about the sources of finance, the pros and cons of capital and the creditor's capital. For possible reasons, the field of business management is broad and branching out from the duty to address it.

Is a program or project is to provide financial resources to fund a need ,this term is used when company fill up the need for cash from themselves to provide the precautions . money or property used to produce the revolution .
Self-financing is one this source has many advantages , including at time the work and control group . the
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to regulate and make the standards of bank control operations more realistic, increasing the banks financial positions has increased the interest of banks boards of directors and made appropriate financial decisions , banks capital more effective in the control , because of the agreed style of components and elements of financial institutions , everyone has the ability to create a quick idea . criteria for obtaining a safety degree are applied to reduce risk , disadvantages , not to control , bring workers animate experience weak , the presence of tension and conflict because of participating with others , lack of production due to differences vision in teamwork , as for the disadvantages first than , The balance between risk and return leads to an increase in the price of securities and reduces the cost of capital . second , Leads to greater variation in the distribution of incomes and wealth. third , The emergence of continuous economic fluctuations . fourth , Use the exorbitant money to advertise and advertise in order to promote goods and they actually do not express the truth . fifth , The emergence of large monopolistic companies where, with the presence of the element of competition, but the method of financing based on interest supports the role of these companies. Finlay, Lack of attention to economic, social and religious aspects has a negative impact on the individual's behavior, productivity and
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