Pros And Cons Of CIA Torture

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Pro-CIA Torture To begin, the US and it’s central intelligence agency, also known as the CIA are torturing captives, and it’s up for debate. The US should allow the CIA to torture its prisoners. It’s a way to get very valuable information from them. The torture techniques leave no marks or traces left behind on the victim. It strikes fear in the to be tortured prisoners so that they make talk before the CIA even lays a finger on them. It is very difficult to get dangerous people to talk, so we use dangerous methods to get them to talk.
Getting all the information from prisoners, terrorists, gangsters, and mobsters held by the CIA is crucial to saving American lives. After the Boston Marathon bombing one of the suspects escaped from the scene and the other was caught by police, the one that was held by the CIA was tortured until he spoke of his brother’s hideout where police shot and killed the terrorist. Without torture there would still be a terrorist running free on the streets of Boston. In 2011 the CIA …show more content…

If you are tortured by the CIA and you try to go to court for it, you will lose unless you have video evidence of it. So that is why it is completely undetectable by any type of modern technology. Also, most other countries do not know that the CIA tortures because it is invisible on the body. Like when El Chapo was held by the CIA and he escaped he was tortured but nobody ever could tell because yet again, it’s invisible. Since the CIA uses water for the torture and water is clear it’s invisible. When the CIA puts a tight cloth over the captive’s mouth and nose and starts to pour gallons of water on the captive it instantly makes the person panic in fear of drowning, and even death. So water filling up in a person’s nostrils and throat doesn’t leave any marks or traces. All that leaves prisoners scared to death about being

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