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AHMAD SHAFIQ SHAMSUDDIN B JUMAAT B13KM0007 SKMM4513-02 MR KHAIRUL ANWAR BIN HANAFIAH MINOR PROJECT 4: CAD SOFTWARE 1. Introduction Computer Aided Design or known as CAD is a software that helps designer to improve their design and achieve the highest level in designing. This is including assisting the designer in the early stage of designing, the alteration or modification of some design and also the improvement in a design. Sometimes the software is being used in computer animation in making the special effect for movies and advertising. CAD Software is used in a variety of different product in a variety of field such as architecture, electric and electronics, naval, mechanical and also in civil engineering. In the early stage of designing, a designer starts with a sketch by using pencil and then the drawing assembly straight to the manufacturing. All this process is done by using hand. There are lot of CAD Software in the market such as CATIA, Unigraphics NX, I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and many more. In Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, the students are exposed to the CAD since the very beginning of the learning process. This approach is for the student to adapt with the CAD Software and can improve their skills and by the time they graduate, they had master somewhat in CAD Software skills and…show more content…
Users also can store your machining knowledge in templates and reuse them later in other part programs. CATIA allows user to have full control on entry and exit in the most of the toolpaths. The CATIA’s cons are poorly designed interface compared to any CAD/CAM in the market. The CATIA has worst tech support in machining and also high price in maintenance. In Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, there are 10 units of CATIA Software and the price is RM 8,000 per
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