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Canadian E-Bird Essay Do you ever actually consider the actual flaws and advantages of our country? Have you heard the issues of our country recently? Have you compared our country to others, fairly? I am going to be showing you the pros and cons of our true nation. You will be able to see the problems, and benefits in each of these categories, environmental, political, social, legal, and economical. Environmental Canada is in the top 10 for worst ecological footprint, although this is not surprising at all. On Nov 29th, 2016, our Prime Minister approved 2 of 3 pipelines. These pipelines take away land, away from wildlife and first nations. Our carbon tax just passed, now we accept these pipelines, it doesn’t make sense at all. The whole world is harvesting down 3.5 acres of forest every MINUTE. Canada requires companies to plant a tree for every cut, but you are not getting the same forest in return. Canada has 385 endangered species, the reason it that the best land won’t be converted to a protected area, it would be used for farming, forestry, and housing. But I will give Canada one thing they have recognised the risk we are doing to our environment. They considered, and accepted the carbon tax; They are thinking about putting a cap and trade system, which is a limit on the pollution that can be emitted. Now, this can also be changed by Canada’s political aspect.…show more content…
Our current prime minister is making some wise decisions, he is continuing to have the military focused on peacekeeping and security, this will make Canada safer in the long term, and promotes peace. Even with our great government, the way to get elected is starting to be viewed as undemocratic. In our election, those who don’t vote for the winner have then made a useless vote. Political relies on our society and has to adapt to our needs to be able to reach to those of us in the
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