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After working the entire semester at Quoio, I can confirm that I still would enjoy a job in marketing or sales someday in the future. Throughout my work, I was tasked with a wide variety of activities ranging from researching competitors to designing an online marketing ad campaign. From these activities, I have developed a plethora of new skills that will be extremely beneficial in future work. I discovered that I love marketing and brainstorming how to market and sell a product correctly and effectively. And, I also realized how much I enjoy selling products to others, and that it comes quite naturally. In my opinion, there are numerous pros to a career in sales and marketing. These pros include: rewarding, challenging, flexibility, and…show more content…
The cons I see in this career include: losing, flexibility, travel. My personality type does not handle rejection and loss well. It would be naïve to say I will not have any losses in my sales career. But, when I do lose, I need to learn how to handle it. Instead of taking it personally, I should be motivated to go out and land a new client instead. If I am truly set on a sales career, I need to work very hard not to let the losses affect the rest of my work. Traveling is a minor con to this type of job. I do not mind traveling within a state to other cities. But, I feel as though I may be extremely tired if my sales job required frequent travel. Obviously, I hope to have a family someday, and overnight or extended stay travel would prohibit spending as much time with my family. Flexibility is a pro as I previously discussed, but I also believe it could serve as a con. If I had the flexibility to work whenever I wanted and from wherever I wanted, this could be dangerous. An outside sales position would require setting a strict schedule for myself in order to not be distracted. Overall, the pros of a sales position outweigh the

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