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Currently the most popularized form of wireless communication are mobile phones in almost all the countries around the world. According to the estimation of ITU (International Telecommunication Union), number of cell phone users are over 6.8 billion around the world and this number is growing fast with the development of technology along with low producti- -on cost. Given the increasing need for sustainable energy and the current energy crisis. In the small-scale regions, photovoltaic panels have been used to harvest solar and also to power anything from an iPod to a house. But still materials required for construction (like silicon) are extremely dangerous to the environment and lot of care must be taken to ensure that they are recycled…show more content…
Therfore it becomes very inconvenient for people especially those on the road or who occupied with work. A wall phone charger must be bought by people and they should look for a power source in order to charge. On the other hand, the portable solar-powered phone charger is a device that uses light rays of a minimum amount as the energy. Portbility is one of the best advantage of using a solar-powered phone charger. The size and weight of the charger make it fit into anyone’s pocket. However, the worthiness of a solar charger boils down to how quickly the charge is transmitted to it, and the amount of power it gives to the phone or how efficient the solar charger…show more content…
A sustainable energy source is photovoltaic cell. A total of 71.1 GW had been installed by the end of 2011, sufficient to generate 85 TWh /year and the 100 GW installed capacity milestone was achieved by the end of 2012. More than 100 countries today use solar PV. Installations may be ground-mounted (and sometimes integrated with farming and grazing) or built into the roof or walls of a building (either building-integrated photo voltaics or simply

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