Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Ownership

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Cellphone Ownership in the U.S begins at a younger age, and it is causing children significant complications. Young children are being given a mobile device at such as small age, One in three children are using a mobile device before they can even talk, at ages 6 months and older they already have access to a mobile device. Parents often give in to the child crying while in the store or when they are in a public place. Parents in Mexico have said that a cell phone is a useful tool to have in case of an emergency. Children in North Korea spent the majority of their time perfecting their skills, with such a passion. They are disciplined to be the best. Children are like sponges and will absorb everything they hear and see. Children are becoming extremely smart, and what they see and hear, they will repeat it.…show more content…
In Turkey, a survey was done and the results were that parents in turkey do not see the need for a phone until the child is eighteen. Eighty-one percent of secondary children in South Africa have their own phone. Thirty-one percent of them have their own social network page. Fifty-one percent of German children ages six to thirteen reported having own phone. All things considered, not all children have the privilege to own a phone. Some face other problems, such as health conditions, and housing conditions. Many parents agree that a phone is used for a child to have in case of an emergency. The problem is that some children do not know when to put it down. Parents give in to the child screaming because they want it to stop. They do not want to be looked at by other people and be thought of as having a misbehaved child. The percentage of children having a phone is rapidly increasing around the world. Technology is growing more every day, more people are coming up with new educational programs for children to

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