Pros And Cons Of Cellphones For Kids

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Are cellphones good for kids?
By Amelia Merkulov

Have you ever wanted a cell phone? I have been asking my parents to buy me one for quite some time. I think I am ready, but my mom says I am not. If we vote today in this classroom about who is right, I am pretty sure 99% of you will be on my side. Let 's now discuss the pros and cons of these devices in kids lives. Most youngsters in the United States get their first smartphone at the age of 9 to 11. The question is are phones good for kids?

What are the major advantages?
Safety, security and piece of mind
Cellphones are a lifeline between a parent and their children. A child can always contact their caregivers in case of change in schedule or urgent situation. A young person can easily keep
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This gives a child quick and easy answers to some of their questions. Easy access to information is beneficial for their school work as well as daily questions like weather, art and crafts ideas or directions. Phones come with apps that help you keep yourself organized, such as: Notes, alarms, calendars, and reminders.

What are the main drawbacks?

These devices are highly addictive. Cell phones can be distracting from more important events in a child’s life such as studying, doing homework, or even crossing the street. Funny story, my cousin, parents, and I were going to an ice cream shop. My electronics-addicted cousin was on his phone. We were walking, then he bumped into a black post on the side of the road. The life lesson here is: kids, don’t be on your smart phones while going to an ice cream shop.
Back to the serious issue. Over the years, usage of electronics has been increasing.( Graph 1) Today, children spend an average of 5-7 hours of screen time. As you can see, sleep, work and survival time stays about the same, but personal time like physical activity, hobbies, and relaxation, gets robbed by screen time.

Improper use and hidden dangers
Cheating with these devices has become a huge issue in many
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