Pros And Cons Of Cellphones In School

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Cell phones should not be allowed in school. Cell phones are distracting, cheaty, and provide too many opportunities for too many things. Some way that phones are distracting are some that involve texting in class, maybe playing mobile games. A phone in a classroom could even provide a distraction for other people, the phones might make noises or something of the sort, and the students might be taking pictures of other people. Phones can also be used to cheat, according to “Cons of Cellphones in School” By Jennifer Betts. “But the concept of “passing notes” has stepped into the new age of technology, thanks to text messaging. Texts can be sent quite discreetly while in the classroom.” (Excerpt from aforementioned article). Students can text the answers to someone else without even thinking, and chances are that nobody would find out. A phone simply opens up too many opportunities to cheat in a classroom. Not only is cheating a problem with phones, but so is the idea of lower grades. Grades are shown to have been lowered before and after the banning of cellphones all across the world. It usually consists of a kid having to put down a phone after a test, and then they get a better grade. According to “Should cellphones be BANNED in schools? Study finds students waste five days playing with handsets each year”, an article by Mark Prigg. It says in the article that students waste about five days worth of time in class on phones every year. “Banning cellphones in schools would
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