Grading System Pros And Cons

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The next aspect of the grading debate that is important to discuss is what exactly the purposes of grading are. One of the purposes is that it allows teachers to provide feedback that may be useful to their students. There are two types of feedback when it comes to grading: the first is known as evaluative feedback, which is in the form of a letter grade that critiques the work of the student; the second type of feedback is called descriptive, which offers information about the way in which a student can become more knowledgeable. In their article, Schinske and Tanner reference a study that compared the effects of evaluative feedback, descriptive feedback, and no feedback in regard to how students performed on problem-solving tasks. The study…show more content…
Cheating is unethical in and of itself, so a system that promotes this practice must be unethical as well. Yet another unethical aspect of grading is the emphasis on grade point average to gain acceptance into colleges. If grading was eliminated altogether, it would not only force schools to come up with other alternatives, but it would also force colleges to change their admittance methods and potentially reduce the dropout rate (Barnes). Ultimately, the judgment method of our grading system proves to be ineffective and…show more content…
A significant nation to consider is Finland, which has long been among the top five on the list of best educational systems. Why is this so? One explanation is that, unlike in the United States, children do not begin attending school until the age of seven. Finland’s education system believes that allowing their children to “be children” by playing and exploring is a very important aspect in learning and developing properly. On the contrary, many Americans feel that our educational system forces maturity on children
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