Pros And Cons Of Chloramines

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Did you know some byproducts of of chloramine are way more toxic than chlorines? A byproduct is a secondary or incidental product formed from the first. In the article it states that “ Chloramines are widely used in the U.S, and water providers in the East Bay and San Francisco already rely on the source. Another reason to why Chloramines are dangerous because it is toxic to aquatic life, including the mosquito fish, the mosquito fishes are put into our ponds to control the mosquito populations. Mosquitos carry several diseases. Another statement the article made is “ The state and federal gov. has said the water treated with this chemical is safe.” But that is not true if you can still get asthma, eczema, and etc.
The only difference is it takes longer. Chlorine will dissolve when it’s boiled in the water. Chloramines on the other hand stay longer and might have to be removed with carbon or acetic acid. So though you have a chance of getting (THM) from chlorines you still can
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For example those with HIV and AIDS may get ill from this. It is also possible for Chloramines to cause skin dilemmas like rashes, itching, welting, cracking, bleeding, blistering, and pigmentation. Chloramines and chlorine both have potential carcinogenic effects. A good thing that chloramines do that chlorines don’t do is kill odors. They both kill water borne infectious but chlorine does a better job. When chlorine first added to our water supply in 1908 as a cleanser. An article stated that there was a massive decline in deaths from waterborne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid fever, and Hep A. Chlorine is said to kill or at least fight off pathogens better than chloramines. But a it was said by The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) saying that they are at equal strengths when fighting off pathogens. Though i’m not completely sure on which is better at attacking the pathogens.
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