Circus Animals Should Be Banned

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Should Using Animals in the Circus Be Banned?
By: Giselle Angelique 10A

Did you know that tigers naturally fear fire? All of us have a certain fear, it can be anything, clowns, darkness, and insects, phobias that can haunt us at night and scare us to death. Well, tigers are particularly scared of fire. It’s in their nature. Yet, what is a circus without tigers jumping through fire hoops? Tigers are forced to jump through fire hoops for shows and its not rare that they suffer injuries, some even permanent. In spite of their natural fear of fire, they still rather jump through fire than face their trainer’s punishment. Can you imagine how horrible their punishment must be? Circuses must stop using animals as a part of their show as it cause harm to animals, cause numerous incidents and attacks that endanger both animals’ and human’s lives, and most importantly, violates animal rights as a living creature.

As stated above, one very important case example is the tigers. The tigers got burn
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Circus animals are never meant to be pets, to be locked up in a space and let out only for shows. 96% of a circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages. Worst, in most situations, they are cramped in a really tiny space to eat, rest, excrete and live all their life. This is really unhygienic and can cause numerous diseases that can harm their life. They are living things; they have every right to live their lives in their natural habitat as all of us do. However, most of their lives are spent in confinement. Confinement has harmful psychological effects on animals. In a lot of cases, animals are seen to repeatedly sway and pace. Their mentality as a living thing are questioned, their brains aren’t working as well as they should, they are in such torture and torment that they can’t even think straight or have a peace of mind. There is obviously no air conditioner to cool every cage. Animals can die when temperatures exceed
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