Pros And Cons Of Class Pets

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Cons Of Class Pets
Have you ever seen those heartbreaking videos and commercials on tv about animals and how their owners just leave them or do not care about them anymore? Well, when teachers bring in animals as a class pet to the school it is the same thing, it is hurting the pets and the education for kids too! And some teachers may not even notice it. You may think that many animals are just being left alone at home, lonely and sad, but another problem is also occurring, and has occurred already: pets are being left in classrooms, in small cages, for long periods of time. Others may say classroom animals is a perfect way for great learning experiences, like how to care and nurture for them, but I firmly contradict with this statement, a classroom is a terrible place to keep an animal. Its bad for the kids and extremely bad for the pets.
First and foremost, schools are not the best place for a animal. Shown in the article of “What’s the Problem With Classroom ‘Pets’?” it says, “When sensitive animals are confined to small cages or tanks in classrooms, their needs are rarely met and their natural instincts can’t be accommodated” (paragraph 4). This demonstrates that pets are just like us, and when they are not in their natural habitat or home they can not learn new things and will not be able to experience the real animal life. Would you like to sit in a small cage for long periods of time, and not be able to do anything? Another example of why schools should not have

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