Pros And Cons Of Classical Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is a very controversial theory. Many people disagree with this idea because it disrupts our personal relationships, it is too demanding, it promotes that the consequences are the only thing that matters, and shows that pleasures are the only things that are important. Classical Utilitarianism is based on three points; that morality of actions are only bases on consequences, the consequences only matter if it creates more or less happiness, and everyone gets equal considerations when it comes to happiness. The classical Utilitarianism was made and defended by three philosophers from 19th century England; John Mill, Jeremy Bentham, and Henry Sidgwick. These people help this theory to be highly influential in the modern era. Many people dispute that this theory is wrong because it promotes the idea that pleasure is the most important thing. It declares that pleasures are ultimately good and pain is ultimately wrong. But there are things we value more than pleasures, things like artistic creativity and friendship. If we lose these things than we will feel a sense of misfortune even if we don’t loss any of our own happiness. Furthermore, it proclaims that the…show more content…
The first defense is that some consequences in the long term is bad. Like lying to people in the long run would ruin your reputations. But this theory cannot apply to all situations, so the first defense is weak. The second defense is that they made a new type of Utilitarianism called Rule-Utilitarianism. This idea does not judge people by the principles of utility but follows set of rules that promotes the most happiness. And finally, some people believes that common sense is wrong. They have three responses to go against the anti-utilitarian arguments; all values have a utilitarian basis, our gut reactions can’t be trusted sometimes, and that we should focus all the

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