Cloning And Genetic Engineering

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Cloning and genetic engineering are marvels of modern science. Not only can we design and build machines, now we can design and grow living beings that have traits we choose before conception. I have always been curious when I hear about animals being cloned, patients having gene therapy treatment, having an organ or body part grown to replace a damaged one, and many other ways that science is using cloning and genetic engineering. It amazes me every time I hear about these because we are getting close to knowing most of what there is to living beings. One of the things I did not know was how scientists create an embryo out of one organism with the exact same DNA. I also did not know how scientists can manipulate DNA and edit very specific…show more content…
There are many studies, however many of them provide inaccurate information. For this reason, I used studies from reliable journals in order to have the most accurate information. Studies provide not only explanations for certain processes, but also proof of these processes in the form of experimentation. In the US cloning and genetic engineering are monitored closely. Foreign countries provide much of the research regarding these topics. Along with scientific research, I had to look for opposing views. Cloning and genetic engineering are very controversial topics. Despite the enormous potential, many believe the process is immoral. The sources I found with opposing views were all opinions regarding the topic. Some had legitimate arguments while others had irrational arguments. It is important to look at both sides of the topic in order to determine whether it is ethical or will provide enough good to overcome the potential bad that could come out of…show more content…
There are both ethical and scientific problems with cloning. Many people, often with a religious standpoint, are opposed to cloning and the harvesting of stem cells. They believe that as soon as the baby is conceived, it is a human life. However, others believe that life starts when the baby takes its first breath. However, in SCNT the egg is not fertilized by a sperm cell which then blurs the line between whether the process should be used to harvest stem cells. Currently there are many restrictions globally on cloning. However, it is mostly used for complete human cloning along with some places restricting the use of therapeutic cloning. Researching cloning is still legal with restrictions, however, cloning for therapeutic uses is becoming more of a usable option. There are also issues with the cloning itself that need to be addressed. Although cloning using the DNA of a somatic cell is a very useful method, it has issues. Although new cells are created, they are genetically aged. Telomeres are small pieces on the ends of chromosomes that are responsible for cellular aging. With using the chromosomes from a somatic cell, the chromosomes are already older cellularly which will cause the cells that have been cloned to die off quicker than a normal cell. However, "the addition of a transgene containing the two coding regions needed for the production of telomerase could
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