Should Human Cloning Be Banned

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For centuries there has been rousing controversy on whether cloning is the right step to advance in the science world. As research and experiments thrive with the advancement of technology and science, we are getting closer to the inevitable reality of cloning. Today, the question remains unanswered whether to, “clone or not to clone”. Under the Webster Dictionary the definition of cloning is, “the aggregate of genetically identical cells or organisms asexually produced by or from a single progenitor cell or organism”. When the idea of cloning arises, society tends to ask itself is it right or wrong. Indeed, there are many advantages towards cloning, however, we must know where to the draw line so we don’t go too far. “In 1996, Dolly the sheep…show more content…
The states include: South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Michigan. Six states prohibit any funds to be used for cloning on embryos for newborns. These states are: Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Maryland, Connecticut, and California. To further prove that cloning shouldn’t be allowed-some countries have banned or have very strict laws and regulations on cloning, “More than 30 countries have formally banned human cloning for reproductive purposes. Several European countries, including France, Germany and Switzerland, have banned the creation of cloned human embryos for reproductive or therapeutic purposes. England, Singapore, Sweden, China and Israel allow cloning for research, but prohibit it for reproduction”. Each Country has specific and similar reasons as why cloning is prohibited. The main concern is moral rights and the unanswered question: are they human?
When trying to figure out if clones have to obey the same laws as non-clones, the discussion becomes difficult. Multiple questions arise when talking about laws and cloning. Do they have the same rights as all humans? Our system for identifying people would need to change. Fingerprints would no longer be unique and sufficient. Ownership would get complicated under the laws. This would lead to many questions that can’t be answered or is just simply too hard to come up with a solution. Legally there would be many problematic issues that would take years to come up with a
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