Cloning Endangered Animals

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Cloning of Endangered Animals
What exactly is cloning? It is making an identical replica or a duplication of any kind, such as a piece of DNA or an individual cell. Clones are an exact genetic copies. There are different methods used when animals are cloned. Somatic Nuclear Transfer, where the nucleus is transferred from a somatic cell to an egg cell. Roslin Technique, where the egg cell that has had its nucleus removed is placed close to a somatic cell. Both cells are shocked with an electrical pulse. The cells then merge together and the egg is developed in an embryo. The embryo is then implanted into a surrogate. The Honolulu Technique, which the nucleus from a somatic cell is removed and injected into an egg that has had its nucleus removed.
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Although many believe that using science may help resolve this conflict, it is actually a waste of time and money. Cloning animals is not as controversial as cloning humans, but animal-rights groups argue it is cruel and many biologists and conservationists have serious reservations. They say it would be better to put the millions of dollars it takes to experiment with cloning beasts toward protecting the habitat they need to survive in the wild. It draws the people’s attention away from the fact that all the funds used for this procedure can easily be used to actually protect these endangered animals. There are a number of wildlife organizations who are able to give shelter and proper care to these animals. Money donated to these wildlife organizations will help fight illegal hunters and prevent habitat loss. This is the proper way to help endangered animals because of the simple fact that animals are able to naturally reproduce if they are kept in a safe environment. Living organisms such as animals, plants, insects etc. are threatened by global warming, poaching (illegal animal hunting) pollution, loss of forest or trees, and overfishing . Benjamin Beck of the National Zoo explained on PBS's Ask the Scientist that cloning is unlikely to be a useful conservation tool because it does not preserve genetic diversity. We must question the idea of trying to put the…show more content…
Many believe that in the near future, animal cloning might just be an ordinary thing. However, the success rate in most animal cloning attempts is low due to many conflicts. Although it has succeeded it some rare cases, it is still yet to be proven if its positive effects outweigh the disadvantages. Cloning is very expensive and a mere distraction from actually helping endangered species by donating funds to wildlife organizations which help protect and care for them. It can also cause new diseases to spread out into the world which may lead to millions of deaths. Last but not least, there is clear evidence from many cloning cases that shows cloned animals suffering because of health conflicts during the pregnancy stage and after birth. It is considered animal abuse and should immediately be prohibited due to the harm and danger it brings not only to animals, but to every living

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