Pros And Cons Of Co-Education In High Schools

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Co-education could be a system in which boys and girls are study at same place and share each other’s ideas and thoughts. Co-education system gets rid of any impartation among girls and boys and offers them a chance to study, play, write and examine together in an environment where humans aren 't discriminated on the premise in their sex.
All through the globe, hundreds of schools are segregating girls and boys into single-sex classrooms based totally on distinctly distorted claims about differences in their brains and intellectual competencies. What’s worse, such schools are ignoring vital investigation showing that such segregation may actually be harmful to children.
The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that Co-education creates a feeling
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It is one of the ways the school recognizes the equality of the sexes. We aim to provide a broad range of activities and experiences, tailored to meet the developmental needs of the widest possible range of individuals, whether they are boys or girls. Our programmers have our students learning in and through mixed gender experiences. Our students’ achievements in all parts of the school’s programmers are testimony to the success of our philosophies and practices.” (Bayfield high…show more content…
According to “Some Disadvantages of co-education” Similarly, the other disadvantages of co-education are the cause of being molest. From the report it has been concluded that with every 10 seconds one woman in INDIA in co-education systems such as in schools, college and in university are being molest. (Vanita, 1986)
Dreadfully, the incident also has happened with the author when she was a child that was shared on her report too. The story serves as a sad witness to this barbaric act:

“In mixed schools, girls are teased and harassed by boys from an early age, and this continues as they grow older. Among my earliest memories of nursery school is of myself, at age three, standing stock still, petrified, in the school verandah during recess, while a boy my own age accosted me and opened the buttons of my jersey one by one, repeating as he opened each one: “Kuthi, Kuthi” (bitch, bitch) I do not think this was in any way an unusual incident.” refute However it should not be assumed that such experience is as a result of mixed schooling, no more than it is a result of mixes anywhere. Harassment unchecked is the fault of the school and is not an automatic consequence of coeducation. (Bayfield report or
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