Pros And Cons Of Coal Mining

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Indian Coal Mining Controversy which is also known as Coalgate Scandal. Coal mining

controversy is a political controversy highlighting the nation’s irregularities in the matter of

handling national coal deposits.

Another scam in a history of Indian, Coal mining controversy is major fraud in 2012, which

involved Rs 1, 86, 000 Cr losses to exchequer. This is serious allegation against Prime Minister

of India Dr Manmohan Singh who is in a serious scrutiny of the CAG which leads to protest

against the leading political party NCP and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh asking for his


Social activist Arvind Kajrewal and IAC(India against corruption) activist marched to the Prime

Minister, Congress and Bhartiya Janata party's member's residence in Delhi. The
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As a result of the September 2012 hearing in the Supreme Court of India, has ordered the

government in power, the Congress to state the reasons for not following the 2004 policy of

competitive bidding for coal block allocation. The companies who have breached the allegations

and the steps which have not been followed are being taken into consideration by the Supreme

Court of India.

The strongest party in the opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party has stated that the ruling party

in India, the Indian National Congress has allocated as many as 142 coal blocks to private

entrepreneur’s most of who were not even actual users and traders. The government is alleged of

not following the competitive bidding policy in 2004 so that the 142 bidders were selected on an

arbitrary basis.

Congress, the party in power on the other hand states that all these allocations are completely

false and have stated in defense that “the loss can arise only if one ton of coal is taken out of

mother earth and sold at some unacceptable price”. The critics and the party in opposition on
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