Pros And Cons Of Coed Sports

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Should sports be coed? Many people get asked this question and there are many different opinions on this subject. There are three main reasons why sports should be coed. The three reasons are reducing stereotyping, friendships with the opposite sex, and self improvement.

Coed sports help stop stereotyping. Kids start to stereotype people from the age of 9-11. If we have opposite genders working together, as a team, it can help to prevent stereotyping. Benefits of Girls & Boys Playing Sports on the Same Team states, “Involving them in coed sports early is an opportunity to curb those notions before they start, according to Sam Snow of Soccer America's "Youth Soccer Insider.” If you put your kids in coed sports early, it could help prevent stereotyping. It can also help them in the future with having to work with the other gender.

Friendships with the opposite gender can also come out of coed sports. Benefits of Girls & Boys Playing Sports on the Same Teams
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Pros of Co-Ed games and mixed team sports says, “Fair play in Co-Ed games is very good and always above average, as men do their best to be seen as gentlemen and women do their best to be seen as nice.” This describes that coed sports can improve their actions towards each other. They also learn to have patience. Guys learn to be more gentleman like, and girls learn to be nicer. The guys push the girls harder, and the girls push the guys harder. They also learn respect and become more mature from playing on a coed sport teams.
Yes, some people would say that coed sports may cause injuries or make kids feel uncomfortable, but the kids choose to be on the team. By choosing coed sports, they accept the challenge of working together as a team. Kids can get injuries from playing on same sex teams, and sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone. Overall, having coed sports teams is a great idea, one that helps kids develop into accepting
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