Pros And Cons Of College: A Waste Of Time And Money

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There are many on going discussions on whether or not college is a good investment. Some say that college is a waste of time and money or as Dale Stephens writes in College is A Waste of Time, “I believe higher education is broken” (Stephens 38). Others believe that college can be beneficial to one’s future and worth every penny. Considering both sides and weighing the possible outcomes, it can be proven that college is worth the risk. Investing in a college education can lead to a better job with better pay that will create a stable future, expand knowledge while investing economically in the country, and help to create a positive lifestyle. A college education will only make for a better and brighter future. College can be seen as an economical investment, by getting a college…show more content…
Stephens writes, “A major function of college is to signal to potential employers that one is qualified to work” (Stephens 39). People who believe that college is not worth the risk say this because they feel that a degree is the same as work experience or that people have gone to college are not able to find jobs just as people who haven not went to college. But the difference is that an education can make all the difference a person with a college degree in a particular field wont need the additional training of someone who doesn’t have a degree. Have a college degree ultimately puts an individual ahead? A college education is well worth the investment and this has been proven time and time again. Investing in a college education will lead to a stable and healthy career that will allow for a stress free lifestyle. One of the things that people assess when that are making a decision is how will this benefit me. Ultimately, stability is a key factor in everything that happens, a college education will lead I that
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