Pros And Cons Of College Athletes Paid

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Why college athletes should be paid for the risk of injury in college? The pros and cons of college athletes being paid for their time in college? College athletes should be paid because players get hurt in college and that affects their potential professional career and their income for the rest of their career because of the injury. Have you heard the name Jaylon Smith? According to Nina Mandell of USA Today Sports, in Smith’s his last season at Notre Dame he was having an amazing season, he was projected to be a top 5 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. In his last game, which was a bowl game, he cut wrong and tore his ACL making him less valuable to NFL teams. Due to the injury he fell all the way to the second round. Smith lost about $17 million …show more content…

According to Michael Wilbon of ESPN said that the NCAA signed a contract with CBS Sports that spans from 2011-2024 and costed the NCAA $10.8 billion. That contract will pay the NCAA about $830 million dollars per year. So the profit for NCAA is at least $1 billion dollars in a span of 3 weeks of basketball. So where does this money go obviously it goes somewhat to the players but it mainly goes to the university, I think athletes should directly get that money so they can pay for stuff that they need during their time at college. According to Joe Nocera of the New York Times, if college athletes were paid there might be a less likely chance of scandals like the one at Miami University. I agree with the statement that Joe Nocera made because the Miami University scandal was a booster at the university giving athletes money so they could buy stuff during college, it probably would not have completely avoided the subject because the players thought they deserved expensive things because they were bringing in lots of money for the university for their success. Finally, players should get paid for the money they make for their school and the NCAA, but there is also some reasons why they shouldn’t get …show more content…

Have you ever heard of the “Fab Five”. So the “Fab Five” was one of the greatest recruiting classes ever, during their freshman year at the University of Michigan the starting lineup were all freshman, that is very rare in college basketball. In their freshman year they lost in the National Championship to Duke University. During their sophomore year they lost in the National Championship again but this time to the University of North Carolina. After their sophomore season Chris Webber declared for the NBA Draft and the “Fab Five was no more. According to Nick Baumgardner of MLive, in 1996 there was an allegation that a booster named Ed Martin gave players money, an investigation started and as the investigation progressed they found out that Ed Martin had given Chris Webber $100,000 before he had even committed to the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan had to vacate the National Championship appearance that was during the “Fab Five’s” freshman season and the “Fab Five’s” entire sophomore year due to Ed Martin paying players while they were attending the University of Michigan. I believe all this could have been prevented if we paid college athletes as they should because Jalen Rose who was a member of the “Fab Five” said, “ “I felt like a professional athlete who wasn’t getting paid.” Think about that he was that popular but didn’t earn a $1 from it. In conclusion I believe that college athletes deserve to be payed some more than others. I also believe

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