Pros And Cons Of College Parking

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Do you like college parking? Most would say no that it needs to be fixed. There are many things that make college parking awful that range from space to the distance spots are from buildings. Dalton State seems to have a shortage of parking spaces especially during the morning classes when most students take class. Dalton state needs to rectify this parking problem, maybe instead of renovating the student center the college could at the very least attempt to make parking less of a hassle then it is now. Furthermore it’s not just Dalton State that has this type of issue colleges across America have a parking issue. A writer from a from Indiana State University says “What do all these people have in common do you ask? The answer is a major shortage…show more content…
Teachers get priority parking which is understandable, however they do not have to walk from the tennis courts all the way to class in the blistering cold or freezing rain. Whereas students have to endure these conditions depending on what time of the year it is. It is not fun arriving to class soaking wet or drenched in sweat it just makes the class unpleasant. There are some teachers that just come to class to help and not teach, example would be the Math 0998 class. The teacher only comes in to help IF students ask for it. The teacher in hand gets reserved parking whereas his/her students have to park at the back of the lot and even down the road at the gravel parking lot. The students are the ones going to work so they should get some sort of priority parking. Another thing is the ridiculous law that we cannot pull through spaces, as one student says “It’s annoying, we should be able to pull through spaces to park straight” (Eddy 2015). Most students would agree with this especially when it comes to parking the larger vehicles like f-150’s it is difficult sometimes to park straight and not take up two spaces on accident. Getting rid of the law in question could help this issue

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