College Tuition Should Be Free Essay

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“42% of college students in the United States fail to complete their degrees. Of those 42%, 15-25% will drop-out, and the remaining 17-27% will leave college, for reasons that are less clear.” There is obviously something wrong with our education system as a whole for so many students to drop out of college. Yet, individuals believe that college tuition should be free, and paid for by the government with taxpayer money. Secondary school should not be free because it should not replace the education that should be taught in high school, it will make individuals pay more taxes in order to pay for college tuition and it will motivate student to do good in school. Initially , secondary education should not be free because students will lose…show more content…
Free college tuition for everyone is not fair to those who earn their degrees by working hard with patience to affect their societies, others might just work to improve their lives and are not always concerned about the world around them. For example, student who pays to buy their books, protects and values what's in the book than those who are in school with free primary education. Free college tuition has no motivation on students to accomplish their career. So student will take free education for granted. As was previously stated, "'free' is about much more than money." This quote suggests that free is not just about money, but about the experience and the consequence of free secondary education students face. There will not be anyone working in the jobs that's needed without college degrees. As stated in the article, Free College Tuition, in the modern world, people rely too much on technology, than working lower jobs like in farm and working at the restaurants. However, people would not survive without farming, which is the basic needs of every human. For example, Food companies like Tyson need people without college degrees to provide food for
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