Pros And Cons Of College Uniforms

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As a college student, an ordinary school uniform may not be my preferred option for outfit, but I would still be suggesting the idea of college students be made to wear uniforms. It’s because I think that wearing a uniform is a badge of self-esteem, and it bring about a status for the college and it will give a sense of belonging for the students and it saves the time to think of which outfit to wear, it also shows that you are the part of the organization. There are many countries with mandatory college or university uniform are includes Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and much more. Especially for the Taiwan’s college, their college uniforms are very standard and professional, which makes the Taiwan’s students love wearing it because it makes them look neat and tidy.
Most of the educators have believed in that students who are made to wear uniforms will have a better educational environment, because it helps students to resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes, which mean the students will not compare themselves to their classmate in term of the outfits. At the same time, there are some colleges might think that college uniforms violate a student’s right to express themselves through the choice of their outfits and it’s also an unfair additional expense for the students. In my opinion, should college students be made to wear a uniform, will have both the advantages and disadvantages.
College is a place where students come for study to gain knowledge and information,
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