Personal Narrative: The Asian Empire

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“But it makes sense right? My argument totally made sense!” “Sigh… get over it man, it’s not gonna change anything.” “Come on dude! I totally was beating her in the argument. The Chinese are gonna take over the world! They’re gonna beat us in a cultural victory like in Civ 5! First the Mongols invaded China, and after Genghis Khan died, then Kublai Khan was the one that took over the Chinese territory. But do you know what the Chinese did? They turned Kublai CHINESE! They fed him Chinese food, gave him Chinese clothes and even gave him a Chinese wife! All of his Mongol descendants that were in China are now Chinese!” “But it still doesn’t change the fact that the United States has the strongest military in the world. What can China do about…show more content…
I don’t know the name of The Empire. People around literally only say, “For The Empire.” This really confused me. But I was obviously able to deduce that this place is probably not a republic like the U.S. But then again, these people in this world probably have no idea what a republic is. The Empire was very much how I would imagine an ancient Asian empire to look like. Not that I know what they actually looked like, but from my experience of looking outside the window of our manor or the rare occasion of getting my mother to take me outside for a stroll, let me see that it was a very Asian type of environment that I was now living in. The Empire was established by the Hanwu Tribe, they’re a group of fierce warriors that first defeated their neighboring tribes and then took everyone by surprise by declaring war on their larger neighbor the Shinwu Kingdom. Whom the tribes normally paid tribute to. No one took them seriously and treated them as a joke. And that was their biggest mistake. Because in one year they conquered the Shinwu Kingdom and conquered five more neighboring kingdoms and became the largest country in the known world. Battle after battle. They proved themselves to be the greatest warriors in the continent riding their wurks into battle. A wurk is apparently the equivalent of a horse in this world. Except these strange creatures are longer, faster and are reptiles. So they basically rode giant fucking lizards into
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