Pros And Cons Of Colonizing Mars

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Is Colonizing Mars A Good Idea?

Should N.A.S.A really risk the lives of people to colonize Mars? You can never go back to Earth, you have to wear a spacesuit every time you go outside, and it is risky to send people there. Colonizing Mars is a bad idea.
You can never go back to Earth. People who want to go to Mars are leaving their family’s forever. When people choose to go to Mars, they have chosen to never breathe in fresh air, and the colonists have to eat freeze dried food. They will never be able to go to an amusement park, and never be able to go to the beach, etc. Some engineers at N.A.S.A are trying to build a spacecraft that can go to Mars before people. The spacecraft will be there when they get to Mars. The machine is called Mars Ascent Vehicle or
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It will take nine months to get to Mars and anything can happen in nine months. Out of fifty five test missions to Mars only fifteen missions have been successful. That means that forty missions have failed. The spacecraft could miss Mars like most of the test missions and the first four astronauts could die. Mars is dangerous and it is a bad idea to go there.
Even though colonizing Mars is bad idea others think it is a good idea. Going to Mars would expand our knowledge on space. “I think humans will reach Mars, and I would like to see it happen in my lifetime” says Buzz Aldrin. Scientists plan to recycle the water on Mars so when people get to Mars there is water for them to drink. Going to Mars would help us know more about the planet and possibly explore and discover new planets. Colonizing Mars could be a good idea.
N.A.S.A should not colonize Mars because it is dangerous, you can never go back to Earth, and you have to wear a spacesuit every time you go outside. Going to Mars would kill many people if the spaceship does not make it to Mars. Also, meteores could hit the ship and make it crash down. Overall going to Mars is dangerous, risky, and
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