Pros And Cons Of Common Core: Improving The American Education System

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Common Core is a program set on improving the American education system, but in reality it is ruining it. Many problems have been found with it including educational difficulties. Education must be improved, so that America can still compete with other countries. One reason to remove Common Core is because it causes difficulty in basic comprehension. Many students are unable to understand basic math with the change in standards. As Mr. Hartle (Interview 2016) states, “students are better able to understand concepts, but it is time-consuming and they do not have the same level of understanding.” We can conclude from this that students are receiving a worse education. If a building does not have a good foundation, it will fall; education is the same way. Someone must understand the basics which common core takes away…show more content…
Both are being bombarded with tests even more often than previously. Common Core has a strict set of standards that are followed to the letter, but these standards are too high just beginning. As Barron (2015) explains common core is “the most stressful thing I’ve done in school”. Common Core testing is far more stressful from their previous predecessors. Many students have been found to become highly nervous and anxious taking these tests. As Ravitch (2013), “the exams looked like AP exams and were beyond the reach of many students”. These tests must be revised so that the majority of students can actually understand them. While some may be able to perform at this level not all will and believing that making something harder will improve ability is insane. Students must not be expected to do well on tests they don’t even understand. Ravitch also mentions “tests gave fifth graders questions written at an eighth grade level”. These new tests must be done away with until there is a chance that they will be properly revised so the vast majority of students can understand the questions

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