Pros And Cons Of Communism

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Communism Isn 't always good, but it isn 't always bad either. Sure Stalin did kill millions of people but it gave the survivors better lives. I believe communism could change our nation for the better and should be instilled in the US instead of having Capitalism. In communism, money isn 't a factor to wealth because there isn 't any money “The Advantages of Communism are There is no gap between rich and poor” (Rud). Communism is a form of government in which the society wants a strong powerful leader to rise up and make decisions for them so they can worry about themselves: This is known as a Communist Dictatorship like they had in the USSR. The USSR hated Capitalism and Capitalism hated Soviet Russia because they believed in communism.…show more content…
Although Stalin subdued a Slew of Civilians, most of these people were criminals or people not working hard enough. In Capitalism, people have to work harder for their money than in communism, people that are capitalist are either rich, ok or poor. In communism, everybody is equal. Hard working people were never sent to the Gulag if they weren 't criminals: It 's as Stalin said, “Death is the solution to all problems. No man - No problem” (Joseph Stalin). But communism killed a lot of innocent people, not everybody is innocent, in fact, no one is innocent. Capitalism was supposed to be great but it left our country in debt and in poverty. As of now we have around 19.9 billion dollars in debt because of capitalism. Communism was the best form of government because all you had to do was work and you would be fine, there was no debt because again, there was no money. People today work but 15 percent of all people in America are homeless, with communism, there would be no homeless because they would be working and going home everyday because all you needed to do was work, “This policy would have several advantages; for one, it would lift people out of poverty” (Barro). I would rather work than be homeless. Our economy is all for one, but communism is one for all, or everything for all, all you have to do is work. Communism is also the socio economic principle of everything being everybodys, this means that all property is public. Capitalism leaves our country poor because people have to make a living for themselves and most of the time people don 't make enough money so they either are in debt for the rest of their lives or they become

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