Persuasive Essay: Competitive Sports

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Competitive sports should Not be Played “I've been all too familiar with accounts of N.F.L veterans exhibiting Alzheimers-like symptoms in their 40s,” says Adam Buckley Cohen of the New York Times. Many people playing sports are experiencing severe injuries.Competitive sports are sports that include physical contact. The sports include football, lacrosse, soccer and baseball are some. And there are over 45 million kids play competitive sports according to Jay Atkinson from The Boston Globe. Competitive sports should not be played because they can cause injuries, they are taking over kids free time, and competitive sports are very expensive. To begin, competitive sports should not be played because they can cause injuries to the players. First off, about 3.8 million kids get a concussion a year, according to Brain Injury Research Institute from Concussions are leading to alzheimer's at the age of 40 like some NFL players says The New York Times. This matters because concussions…show more content…
Every year over $45 million are spent on kids between 6 and 16 in the US thats $20 million on in school sports and $25 million on our of school sports. On the other hand 1 in 5 parents report spending $1,000 or more per child per year according to The National Council of Youth Sports on yet most spend $671 for uniforms and other fees. This matters because parents are spending way too much money on new equipment every year, when they could be using used equipment. Depending on the sport the cost can add up for equipment, uniforms, travel, lessons, sport camps, meet, coach, registration fees. The most expensive sport is football but the least expensive is swimming and diving. Although sports are expensive to save some money look for used equipment and enroll in a rec sport before a organized sport. Infinitely competitive sports are
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