Pros And Cons Of Competitive Sports

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Back in the day, winners were winners and losers were losers. Nowadays kids get trophies for participating. One time a nfl players son got a trophy for participating in a event and the boys dad made the kid return the trophy because he said he did not work for it.This ties in with why competitive sports are harmful because when the kid got the trophy he probably felt good about it and he also felt that he actually did something that is until the dad made him return the trophy which probably made him feel worthless and that he sucked. On the other hand some people think that competitive sports are beneficial because they teach life lessons. While they think that they are beneficial I think that competitive sports are harmful for three reasons. My first reason is that you can get injured. Number two is that it can cause a decrease in your self esteem. Lastly and probably the most main reason why competitive sports are harmful is because of bullying from the kids that are better than you. One reason why competitive sports are harmful is that the chance of you getting injured is very likely. I read from one article that 1.35 million youth players per year get hurt this is from USA TODAY 1.35 million youth injuries per year. One example is that when you do something wrong or move in the wrong way well most…show more content…
One example is if you are not as good as the other kids, the better kids might make fun of you and then you feel like you are nothing and when that happens you feel as worthless like a bump on a log. Another example is when you mess up you have that kid that bullies just for the heck of it and then you're self esteem goes lower because you feel embarrassed in front of the whole team. The last example according to Why I don't Want My Kid To Play competitive sports is you might not have fun because kids are being mean to you and then everything goes downhill from

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