Pros And Cons Of Compulsion Cases

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Compulsion: In India there has been a significant increase in the numbers of Compulsion cases in the last 10 years. According to nationwide offence records agency, in 2012, 25000 rape cases were reported13. In India in the rural areas, particularly in Northern States in India, the upper caste people use mass compulsion as a strategy to have power over the members of the lower caste groups. The brutal gang compulsion case in Delhi had led to the passage of a stricter Law i.e. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 to deal with the rape cases in India. Societal violence against women: The communities and societies in India in most of the places are bound up with patriarchal normative universe from which women could hardly get true justice. The religious communities, village communities or the artificial communities like professional bodies are hardly epitome of equality between men and women. Quite often the religious communities have made the life of the women worse by forcing them to adopt conservative practices that are harmful to women. Constitutional Provisions on Women's Rights: The constitution of India confers special rights upon women. The constitution makers were well aware of the lower and backward position of women in the society. They made some efforts for uplift of women in our society. The state is directed to…show more content…
Patriarchal system impinges on every sphere of a woman’s life. In such a situation often a majority of them are forced to accept the traditional practices that are detrimental for both their and their children’s development. Although women have acquired a level of financial and political autonomy and consciousness about their rights, yet they experience helplessness in bringing about basic changes for eliminating gender inequalities from the

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