Are Plaid Skirts Really Necessary?

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Are Plaid Skirts and Button Down Shirts Really Necessary? Imagine having to wear a plaid skirt or a button down shirt and tie every single day of school. Being forced to wear a specific uniform to a public schools can severely impact students and their families. With the growing amount of public schools choosing to require uniforms, more and more people are speaking out against this action. Students should not be required to wear uniforms in public schools because they limit self-expression, they cause students to feel self-conscious, and they are expensive. Requiring uniforms to be worn in public schools limits students’ ability to express themselves. The world is changing and so are the beliefs of the people. “We live in a dynamic society, full of unique characters that make our world a spontaneous one. Cutting that off at a young…show more content…
In the United States, it is a law that every citizen has the right to free education. A recent study “says many poorer parents will have paid out 40% of their monthly income in August on back-to-school costs alone...The average cost of uniforms for boys is £160.74 and for girls £155.95...When other equipment – everything from pencil cases to calculators and dictionaries – is taken into account, the cost climbs further” ("School Uniform Costs…”). Every parent wants their children to be happy and live a life free from worries. Parents may buy their children the toys they want, or purchase the present that their child had been dreaming about. With school supplies already costing a great deal, adding the cost of a uniform can cause families to lose nearly half of their month’s income creating major impacts on the life of the families and children. With uniforms costing a large amount, requiring parents to purchase these for each child can have a serious effect on the economic state of the
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