Pros And Cons Of Computer Ethics

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Computer Ethics

With technology advancing at breakneck speed, computers have become a universal

tool in engineering and business. There are numerous ways in which computers

have brought about benefits to society. However, there are also numerous instances

in which computers have been misused, all of which have led to serious ethical

issues. For example, Computers been used as instruments of unethical and/or illegal


Case studies 1:

Private Eye Is Said to Face Prosecution in a Hacking

A private investigator in New York is facing charges for paying a hacker-for-hire firm

to steal email passwords and credentials. The hacker illegally entered email and

Skype accounts to gather information for their clients. Some of
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First and foremost unethical

conduct in the case studies is the breach of computer security. Unauthorized

computer entry would compromise security, creating the risk of computer crime.

Secondly is the invasion of privacy. Invasion of privacy can be categorized into four

main claims: intrusion of solitude, appropriation of name or likeness, public

disclosure of private facts and false light. Such claims can cause direct or indirect

harm to an individual. Lastly is the leaked in confidentiality.

The first case study shows cases of hackers being punished by law for their

illegitimate and unethical behaviour. Some of such cases includes private

investigator hiring hackers to steal email passwords and credentials, hacking into

voice mail messages, and entering into email and skype accounts without

authorization from the owners to collect information for their clients or people

soliciting hackings for the job. Such acts can cause harm to an individual or

corporation in serval ways. For example, unauthorized computer entry to steal

private information like email passwords, voice messages and credentials involves

invasion of privacy and property and compromise of computer system. These
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In fact, it is not illegal

to be a hacker. Originally, hacker is a word to describe the engineers who are

distinct in computer science. Internet related companies and organisations need

hackers to help them fix security problem and debug. If the hackers appeared in the

case study ruled themselves with the code of engineering ethics, never use the

confidential information for the assignments for making their own profit, the tragedy

may not happen anymore.

As a professional engineer, it is responsible to follow the schedule code of

professional conduct and ethics, never disclose confidential information concerning

the business affairs and shall act with prime regard to public interest. It is also an

obligation of reporting to the appropriate authority any contravention of law in the

carrying out of any building project if such contravention comes to his knowledge. As

we all know, ISIS is a terrorist organization that being harmful to the public, it is not

an unethical method that Anonymous hacked their accounts to against the terrorism

and save the public. However they should not take the actions by themselves.
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