Pros And Cons Of Concealed Handguns Essay

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Adults should be authorized to carry a concealed handgun around in public areas. For instance, concealed handguns will allow people who can’t call for help protect themselves in times of need and will help stop a public shooting spree. This means that if an adult is carrying a concealed handgun and can’t call for help, they can defend themselves with their handgun. Adults can also stop shooting sprees with their gun by shooting the threat in the situation. Furthermore, concealed handguns will protect people who don’t always rely on police forces for their protection. This means that because of what’s happening in society with the police today, certain adults might not trust the police forces with their life. As a result, they would want to carry their own handgun for their own protection.
One reason adults should carry a concealed handgun is so they can protect themselves when no one else can. For example, someone can be walking and suddenly get mugged by a bystander. If that one person had a concealed handgun, they would’ve protected themselves. Even if the bystander had a weapon in their hand that person can pull out their handgun and
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A possible concern is that concealed firearms will make criminals more likely to commit more crimes. This is true and it may cause more crimes. Adults may be tempted to use their firearms in the wrong way. In spite of this, it’s important to remember that carrying a concealed handgun can help stop a public shooting spree. Maybe those adults who are tempted to use their firearm unlawfully will start a shooting spree, but those who are responsible will help stop that from happening. Lots of adults have the common sense and realize that once they do something wrong, it may change your whole life. In both sides of the argument, there are still pros and cons, but it would be better if concealed handguns were allowed in public
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