Pros And Cons Of Concealed Weapons

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Weapons are a very efficient and dangerous form of destruction. Weapons are also a means of self defense. As part of the 2nd Amendment of the United States constitution citizens are permitted to own a weapon in case of self defensive means. These weapons have created devastating and controversial events that have made concealed weapons and firearms disappearing a not so distant reality. If these concealed weapons were taken away it would be a major mistake by the government and by the people for voting it out of our own constitution. Concealed weapons should be legal as the way it is because of police, self defense and criminal activity. The first mistake that would be made is how some may not understand that the police won’t be watching you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Police officers patrol most of…show more content…
Every criminal, by definition “are guilty of being part of or committing a crime” as quoted by the dictionary. Criminals don’t usually follow the law and can do drastic things such as obtaining weapons. Most if not all criminals don’t buy weapons from legal means such as gun shops or using a concealed firearms permit. They don’t steal that many weapons either with 10-15% of weapons confiscated being someone else's property as stated Most criminal weapons are bought off the black market or by trading with illegal arm dealers. Another way of them getting these weapons are off “straw pulling” allowing the buyer to get a weapon with little to no contact being made with the seller. Making weapons illegal to buy let alone carry wouldn’t change much. It would just make it so civilians looking for safety in a weapon would be denied. Some people might say that the second amendment has limits and shouldn’t allow extremely dangerous weapons to be carried at all times. That is true that the second amendment has boundaries to it but most extremely dangerous weapons are too big to be
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