Celebrity Advertisements Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Up to now we have fully understood the concept of celebrity endorsement, the criteria that are required by celebrities to influence the attitudes and behaviors of consumers in a favorable wat to persuade their final purchase intentions. In this section, we will have a look the different advantages and disadvantages that it may have for a company.
One of the major advantages of using celebrity in advertising is that, it persuades the purchase intention of consumers. Many consumers bear in mind the fact that if their idol is using this product, it is imperative for them to buy this specific product so that they have a resemblance (Barnes 2011). In television show of sex in the city, there is the actress Sarah Jessica, since many women
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However, there are different inconvenient as advertising is a risky venues which have a lot of consequences (Han and Yazdanifard 2015).
The first disadvantages is consumer skepticism. In order words, this means that celebrity who endorse a product may not relate well ( Erdogan 1999). When consumers will come across the advertising they might not believe the advertising as a result of sales can suffer. For an advertising of Viagra, a great player of Basketball Rafael Palmeiro was endorsed. The problem that happened is that basketball player are the people who are being considered as the healthiest and sexually active in America. When consumers came across this advertising , they immediately they did not believe this ( Newan
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There are several factors that need to take into considerations that influence the purchasing behavior. The two main factors are social psychologica factor (Simon 2005). At the same time, it is essential to take into considerations of the buyers situation, cultural differences, conditions and demographics ( Lancasters 2001). The cultural factor is mainly about the beliefs and lifestyle ( Lancasters 2001). The social factor include social class, groups, reference, personal factors deals with age, personality or even occupation and finally psychological factor is about perceptions, beliefs and motivations ( Lancasters

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