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Is It Ethical to Consume Meat? The consumption of meat over recent decades has become more than just a means of nutrition for the body, but it has also become a game of hunting animals for recreation and sport. Along with the popularization of hunting animals for sport came the early endangerment and extinction of certain species, with this the question arose, is it ethical to hunt and or eat meat? However, the consumption of meat is seen as a normal thing to do on a daily basis, especially in America seeing as how our meals are typically centered around the meat being the main item of the meal. Animal meat is also seen as an excellent source of nutrition because meats are full of iron, zinc, creatine, and other vitamins needed for a healthy and nutrition life for day to day functions in humans. The consumption of meat goes back for thousands of years…show more content…
The immoral sides of hunting meat and meat consumption have not always come along with the original reasons of killing animals, the original reasons for killing animals were for food, clothing, and shelter. The first humans to begin killing animals did so for the sole purpose of a need basis, they used every part of the animal, from the meat for food to the skin for clothing and shelter, as well as everything down to the bones for sewing needles and structure in homes and shoes. Even after civilizations were resurrected the whole animal was still being put to good use, in the 18th and 19th centuries things like whale bones were even being used for women’s corsets. Starting in the 19th century the increase of hunting animals for personal game became more popular and that is when the question of morals arose. The issue is not the ethics in eating meat, but in the way the meat chosen is made available for consumer

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