Pros And Cons Of Contemporary Advertising

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Question 1
1.1 Triumph: Magic wire.
1.2 This advert clearly communicates Triumphs brand image. It asserts triumph as a brand that cares about making women lingerie comfortable over the years.
The potential consumer is assured to find comfort and support in using the product by using the demonstrative illustrations of the product. There is evidence of a conducted market research where triumph states ‘… and in 2013 surveyed more than 12 000 women in seven countries’. (Leshababne, 2016) Which assures women that Triumph Is a brand that genuinely cares about their consumers and designs according to their needs.

2.1 This is pulse.
2.2 This advert stimulates primary demand. This is a campaign ad to encourage people to take the “pledge” of trying recipes that use pulses only.
Pulses in this context are a category within the legume family consisting of the dry, edible seeds of plants which include dry peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils (Mthethwa, 2016)
It is stated in this advert that pulses are cheaper and contain protein (Mthethwa, 2016). This encourages a healthy diet and lifestyle. Question 3
3.1 Pom juice ad 3.2 Puffery Is an Exaggerated, Subjective Claim That Cannot Be proven as true or False, A Definition from Essentials of Contemporary Advertising (arens, et al., 2015). These claims are exaggerated to a point where no reasonable person would believe that it is true.
This Pom advert claims that one can cheat death by using the brand above, this is obviously not

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