Pros And Cons Of Control Of Population Growth Essay

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Changes take place in every part of the world, every economy, every country or every household and so does the population. A population is the total number of people inhabiting a particular place, region or country. With around 7.3 billion people in the world at the current time, the population keeps on rising upward, and it usually affects poor and underdeveloped countries and their economies, people or the environment. It is a natural process. Rich and developed countries, on the other hand, have sustained the limit of the population growth. Controlling the population means two opposite things, the effort to increase or decrease the number of people in each and every country.
In countries which lack development and where a very high rate of poverty is present, control of the population is a necessity, and poverty has a direct relation to population growth. It cannot be automatically stopped or completely prevented, and when it grows, there are chances of high competition among the members of the population, leading to war or disputes between countries and thus, reducing the total number
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Why should all the problems of the world be blamed on people and their growing number? Everyone can have the number of children that they want and a family they deserve. The opinion of people that population growth causes climate change is wrong; people are not dirt or harmful for the environment. Cutting down of trees or polluting the environment are the actions of the people but not entirely their fault. Climate change is the main issue, not population control. For example, China 's one child policy has not solved any problems of the country. Instead, married women are being forcibly sterilized. It is not the population, but the people who rule the country that prevents the development. The government 's actions or political power may not be utilized in a proper way, causing problems in the

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