Essay On Banning Corporate Partnerships In Schools

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The banning of corporate partnerships in schools is a big debate between many parents and school officials. Corporate partnerships occur in schools across the country in many different ways to make money. An example of a corporate partnership is when schools contain a lot of ads or signs throughout the halls, because of financial purposes. There are some good opportunities that comes with it, but in contrast, there are also some bad opportunities. Some say the corporate influence on kinds isn’t good for them because of the influence it could have on them, and others say it is good for their kids to see these sponsorships in the real world, at a young age. There is nothing wrong with corporate sponsoring within society, but in a school place it shouldn’t be allowed. Corporate Partnerships helps raise money for the schools, and gets them donations, which is why the school loves them. A corporate business could sponsor a sports team and get all new uniforms, raising the positive influence on children. Getting new uniforms could help the school, because with that money they would spend on the uniforms, they can now use it on something more educational. However, the schools never think of how exactly the sponsors affect the kids and their thoughts. Ads can have a major…show more content…
With no corporate influence it should make things less complicated to the mind of a child. Some parents may think that this is extreme and sheltering their kids, but these partnerships are everywhere. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to see corporate sponsors and partnerships, they do not need them in school. School is a place where kids go to learn and become educated for their future; school education is the one of the most important things in the world. Therefore corporate sponsorship should be banned in
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