Pros And Cons Of Correctional Professionals

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Building a More Just Society
When people think of correctional professionals they automatically think of a prison or a county jail guard. While this job does not seem like the most glorious of jobs to have in the criminal justice system, without correctional professionals there would be no one to watch the inmates and make sure that their rights are not being violated with they serve their time with the department of corrections. Being a correctional professional entails many things other than just making sure that the inmates are not fighting or trying to kill one another. Correctional professionals must execute justice by upholding the law in an ethical and constitutional manner. While there are many questions that correctional professionals
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When it comes to equality in correctional professionals one would assume they are referring to equality amongst correctional officers themselves whether it be male or female. In this situation they are referring to equality among inmates, whether the inmate is in for murder, kidnapping or petty theft all inmates should be treated the same. While you should not put a convicted murder with an inmate who was convicted of shoplifting considering that would be dangerous for both individuals. Solidarity among correctional professionals is completely illegal and although we would like to think that it does not happen, we would be foolish to think that correctional professionals have never done anything illegal while on the clock. To ensure that social justice is being practiced within the correctional institute, correctional professionals should report anything illegal that they see other correctional professionals doing to each other or inmates.…show more content…
There is never a simple answer for this question; many people think that mental disorders cause people to commit crimes and sometimes this is true. Other times people are just violent and need to take their anger out on someone or something which is why they kill people or inflict injury upon others. “Advocates of rehabilitation argue that many criminals engage in crime for reasons beyond their control. For example, they argue that some people commit crime because they grew up in dysfunctional families or because they have drug, alcohol, or mental health problems. If these problems can be fixed, then crime can be reduced and there will be fewer victims. In this sense, advocates of rehabilitation see the opportunity to use the criminal justice system as part of a larger social welfare”(Wright, 2012, p. 1.6). Correctional professionals can use criminal theory to help them understand why certain criminals do and commit the crimes they have. With criminal theory there are many different theories as to why criminals become criminals. If correctional professionals were to take a class on understanding criminal behavior or criminal theory I honestly believe that it would help them in understanding how to help certain inmates achieve rehabilitation or self confidence. When trying to understand why people commit crimes, correctional professionals should have an understanding on how to treat and take care
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