Pros And Cons Of Corruption In Indonesia

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Can We Stop Corruption in Indonesia? The word of corruption is really famous in over the world. Unfortunately, this word is known as a negative or thing, because in general, the meaning of corruption itself is the misuse of the mandate for personal interest. It means corruption just give the benefits for one party or the person that do the corruption (corruptor) but give disadvantages for other people or parties or even give the negative impact to their country. Mostly, corruption is exist in every country, the difference in each country is only the level of the corruption itself, even there is case of corruption in developed country but it might be not caught yet. Actually it’s hard for the country that free of crimes and the corruption itself is one of the easiest crime to do. Corruption is a bad thing that the country has to avoid or prevent, every country must eradicate the corruption, even though it’s hard, at least we have to try every kind of ways, because nothing is impossible. There are several country that succeed to stop the corruption such as Denmark and Hongkong, in additional Hongkong is the country that has corruption in the high level. It means other countries have the same chance to stop corruption or prevent that thing occur. Corruption in Indonesia Corruption was exist in Indonesia in New Order for the first time. The story was begin when there is a changes of taxation system which is the tax calculation is determined entirely by the center or we can say

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