Pros And Cons Of Counter Birth Control

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Over the counter birth control is beneficial to women because it provides women with more choices of forms of birth control, it leads to better results of wanted/unwanted pregnancies, and it is more convenient for everybody it involves. If birth control is OTC it will give women more choices that will benefit them in the long run. Condoms and birth control can be placed so that it helps sales for both. Therefore, “If pills were sold OTC next to condoms, as emergency contraception soon will be, that creates an association. They could even be advertised as things to be used in conjunction with each other”(Marcotte n.pag.). If Birth Control pills are sold OTC then people would see that they are meant to be used together and you do not have to…show more content…
“Thinkprogress reports, nearly two-thirds of American women say they want the pills OTC, and 30 percent who aren’t currently on the pill would consider going on it if this option was available”(Marcotte n.pag.). The location of birth control could possibly change the minds of people that have not considered birth control and it could change the people who already use it in a positive way. ”Contraception is the prevention of pregnancy. Contraception, or birth control, also allows couples to plan the timing of pregnancy. Some methods can also protect against infections”(“About Contraception” n.pag.). Birth control is not only for people to not have to worry about having children it is also used to make it easier to plan the timing of having children within a family. “Nearly 50 percent. Half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Thats one out of every two pregnancies”(Light n.pag.). Making birth control over the counter could possibly lower the 50 percent of unintended pregnancies so pregnancies would be on purpose and women would not always be disappointed when they find out they 're pregnant. “Thirty-seven million people a year need access to contraception. Half of us have been or will be pregnant as a result of such difficult choices, and the other half of us, know someone who has had to make that choice”(Light n.pag.). If birth control is out over the counter it would lower the amount of difficult choices people have to make when it comes to safe sex and
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