Pros And Cons Of Critical Thinking

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“Believe what you like, but don 't believe everything you read without questioning it.”
- Pauline Baynes
English Illustrator

Critical thinking is an ability to analyse ideas, think logically and sequentially about an idea/issue. It includes deep thinking about the problem/topic. It involves introspection and reflection about the pros and cons of an idea, it is purposeful thinking. Critical thinking is about raising questions and clarifying any confusions or misconceptions.

Raju: Hello friends, How are you doing?
Ramu: Hi Raju, doing good. Where have you been?
Kavya: Hi Raju.
Raju: I had been to life skills classes today. They were discussing about problem solving.
Ramu: Oh that is interesting. What is it about?
Kavya: Good to hear, what is it about Raju?
Raju: Problem solving is an ability to think clearly and rationally. Critical thinkingis a major aspect of problem solving.
Ramu: Does everyone possess the ability to think clearly?
Raju: Yes of course, but one has to identify and develop it through various ways.


• Identify pros/cons of an issue
• Provide logical connections for an idea
• Think logically plus sequentially

A critically thinking person would be able to do the following:
• Understands the logical connections between ideas.
• Identify, construct and evaluate arguments.
• Detect inconsistencies and the most common mistakes in reasoning.
• Ability to solve problems in a systematic manner.
• Identify the relevance and
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