Pros And Cons Of Cross Workout

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How Cross Fit Workout Can Benefit Your Body? Cross fit is a training program that focuses on interval exercise and Olympic weightlifting. Workouts are performed in the subsequent areas of gymnastics, cardio and weightlifting. Cross fit guarantees full health is achieved due to its broad array of exercises. After it became the leading trend in the fitness industry some 15 years ago, cross fit was at first used to prepare the armed forces and police. Before going in to the program you need to know the 9 foundational movements for cross fit which are air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, dead lift, sumo dead lift high pull and medicine ball clean. These are to be performed as warm up exercises at 10…show more content…
You should also be aware of the pros and cons of cross fit. Pros-1-(challenge based training)-Taps into self motivation. It is goal oriented whereby an athlete is given a specific target which is time bound. They can also see their progress in phases, against their own target or compare it with their team or competitors which drive them to reach their goals. Pros-2-(metabolic conditioning versus steady state cardio) - High efficiency fat burning burst conditioning is effective. Bye boring cardio. You do not need steady rate cardio as your only form for generating a raised heart rate for the purpose of improving conditioning and fat loss effort. Pros-3-(teamwork) - Accomplishing things are not impossible because of teamwork. The coaches and the participants always give their best…show more content…
The rewards of cross fit training are 1.-Broad Range of Exercise. Going to the gym is routine and boring. Cross fit offers a lot of different routines which is not boring. You will notice exercises will not be repeated twice or three times in six months. 2. - A Time Saving Workout Routine. It only takes no more than 20 minutes to finish it. A one 4 minute workout is equivalent to an hour of exercise in the gym. It is recommended to even the busiest people you know. 3. - Relationship Builder. The camaraderie is the greatest exercise experience in cross fit. In the gym people are just focused on themselves. In the box they push each other as a team to achieve their personal as well as their team’s goal. They constantly motivate each other. 4. - Personal Coaching. There are a lot of trained professional coaches in the box. They provide the vital support to make your routine fun, safe and effective. Meaning, the coach can tailor fit a workout according to your needs and goals. More importantly cross fit do wonders to your body. These are 1. - Improves Over-All Health. Power, energy, dexterity, elasticity, strength, swiftness, quickness, stability, accuracy and stamina the major field of cross fit. Cross fit concentrates on these

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