Pros And Cons Of Cultural Appropriation

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Cultural ApPROpriation
Cultural appropriation has started becoming a major problem in america today. The argument presented is should people be able to use someone else 's culture even if they have no tides to it. Should they be able to wear a clothing article that is specific to a culture or not? All five authors display their message by focusing on cultural appropriation however, as their arguments progress they stray off on different ideas then one another. The Authors in this analysis of debate speak on the pros and cons of cultural appropriation which leads to concerns of other cultures being disrespected. All the authors agree at a level of conjecture, but do not agree on the definition, quality, and policy, meaning the authors have not reached statis.

When all five authors agree that their is an issue concerning cultural appropriation that is when stasis at a level of conjecture is reached. Most authors provide evidence to related to the issue to show their agreement on the issue, while other few use credibility to lead the readers to believe the issue is there. Pozner shows her agreement in the issue when she states that she does believe in the existence of cultural appropriation as a whole. McWhorter suggests that cultural appropriation exists but it is just natural behavior. Keene like all the other authors, agrees that
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Pozner defines the issue as it seems clear that she is in opposition of cultural appropriation as a whole, and exceedingly opposed in the case of marketers using feminist vocabulary, even if they claim it is to benefit the women 's rights movement. Keene focuses on the idea that when you wear something specific to another 's culture such as a Native American headwear it is causing its original meaning to be devalued. She pushes the idea of how it is disrespectful to use someone else 's culture without showing appreciation for
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