Pros And Cons Of Cursive Writing

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Cursive Handwriting Should cursive writing be put back into schools? Living in America today on a day to day basis, students living in this era don’t know how to read or write in cursive handwriting. Many people today don’t even know that cursive handwriting has been taken out of public schools for years now. “Today people use the keyboard as a better way of writing” (Hotz,Robert L). We need to take matters into our own hands and put cursive writing back into public schools before the rest of our world becomes a total wreck. Meaning that children will get so wrapped up into the technology world they won’t ever know what a piece of cursive writing is or even looks like. And many parents wouldn’t want that for their children. We need to put cursive handwriting back into public schools so students nationwide can learn how to read and write cursive to become successful, and responsible young adults. Students today would get a paper of some sort and they would have to sign their name, now most students would raise their hand and ask “what does this mean?” I know I did once. Only a select few would know what it means to sign their name because of how cursive was once being taught in schools. Now that cursive handwriting has been taken away you have some students who know how to read and write cursive and then you have some students who don’t. Cursive handwriting is not just some old handwriting font that people use when they want to write a fancy letter. It has a purpose in our
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