Pros And Cons Of Cyanobacteria

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Cyanobacteria or cyanophyta is commonly known as blue-green algae which is a type of bacteria. The colour pigment they have is from phycocyanin along with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is in all green plants, algae and also cyanobacteria which helps them absorb light to create energy to be able to perform photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria grows at the ocean shore or pools and ponds at their edges although they can be found in soil, water and salt water. Cyanobacteria live in sheets like films, but thin enough so the cells can be able to get water and sunlight. The cells are put together by a slime they secrete. This is because single cells could be deserted of to some area where else they can not survive. Cyanobacteria also lack flagella, making it…show more content…
Firstly cyanobacteria has been identified as a renewable source of energy because they are able to produce sugars and ethanol with potentially antibiotics properties. Cyanobacteria contains a small portion of protein, vitamins C,E and beta carotene that are of course all good for you, but won't necessarily help you unless you eat large portions. Cyanobacteria has also been known as a good source for weight loss as a nutritional additive. It can also boost up your immune system (f you take the right amount) and reduces cholesterol levels which is a good thing seeing on what high levels of cholesterol does to you. Ather claims Cyanobacteria has proven to do is things such as improving your memory with a better concentration and giving you more energy, regulating your cravings, controlling your fatigue and hypoglycemia ( deficiency of glucose in your bloodstream) and even by helping your digestive system. As from above we can see that cyanobacteria has very good impact on us but is not in anyway used for cultural instances. Cyanobacteria has its ups and downs. You can be effective with cyanobacteria by following these rules: Don’t allow yourself to be in contact with water that might seem discoloured not even going on boat rides, when swimming in water which might contain cyanobacteria rinse of with fresh water immediately afterwards, animals for example dog's wash them with fresh water instead of letting them lick the cyanobacteria of by

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